Hmm, I didn't know #ElectricLightOrchestra had this one last album called Zoom in 2001.
31.9% english, 20.7% italian, 19.9% danish
I am testing latest freshplayerplugin release (0.2.2) for a few days now (now hard testing, just regular stuff).
What can I say… at last, it works just as good as I need it to :-).
Which means we don't need Adobe blessing for using latest Flash Player on Mozilla Firefox on GNU/Linux anymore. Still proprietary stuff, of course, though.
27.6% english, 19.3% pidgin, 16.1% danish
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@Kyle, Adobe is planning to drop GNU/Linux version support very soon…
21.2% english, 19.9% pidgin, 17.7% french
Adobe is killing Flash in more and more places these days, and they seem to be doing it all on their own. I just wish that website developers would stop acting like it's still the only game in town, as there are now far superior options that are more cross-platform than Flash ever was.
37% english, 28% pidgin, 20.8% german
I am now using biboumi for connecting to IRC.
ejabberd's mod_irc is not very acceptable anymore as it doesn't indicate who comes to channel.
31.1% english, 21.5% pidgin, 17.6% portuguese
I have never heard of it. How is it?
45.1% english, 22.7% dutch, 21.1% pidgin
@Luis Anaya, it actually works without issues :-).
29.2% english, 14.8% pidgin, 14.5% latin
Russian economy rapidly goes to success: euro now counts for 100 rubles.
22.3% english, 21.6% french, 17.5% spanish
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26.7% bulgarian, 25.4% russian, 20.6% macedonian
Ага. Кусок МинФина.
19.7% uzbek, 18.9% bulgarian, 17.8% kyrgyz
I am surprised by astonishing ability of some people to choose "lesser evil" instead of seeking a true alternative.
While writing this I was thinking about Bing useds who fight evil Google.
30.6% english, 24.5% pidgin, 16.4% french
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Sometimes open source software cannot be alternative to proprietary software. But this is not reason to use proprietary, it's a reason to develop.
38.2% english, 23% pidgin, 23% french
26.3% hawaiian, 19.5% italian, 15% welsh
Sorry that I don't write anything here, I just can't make myself realize I can express my thoughts and share information here even though I am commenting other posts.
34.4% english, 24.6% pidgin, 24% danish
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@Roland Haeder, I know easy-to-use one: Conversations.
It is not free (in a cost matter) in Google Play but available in F-Droid. So if your girlfriend is a Google-slave she wouldn't want to use Conversations.

There are also almost FOSS clients: Sawim and jTalk which probably violate GPL (they itself are licensed in GPLv3 but use non-free libraries) and don't have end-to-end encryption.
Also worth mentioning: Xabber and ChatSecure.
27.7% english, 21.9% pidgin, 16.5% italian
Maybe you can share or point to some of those other, interesting conversations? Different people on different networks often talk about the same things but have different insights.

I enjoy cross posting between D and G+. It takes a little more time and an extra tab or two, but it's lots of fun.
36.4% english, 26.9% pidgin, 22.1% danish
16.6% italian, 16.5% english, 14.1% portuguese
21.7% croatian, 19.4% slovak, 16% slovene
In Apple's Russia watch watches you!
21.2% french, 20.5% english, 20% german
I am glad #openSUSE made Factory a usable rolling release.
It gives openSUSE two strong points in my opinion: Open Build Service and rolling release.
Only for OBS I am using openSUSE even though it is not Debian :-D.
31.7% english, 22.7% pidgin, 21.2% danish
I was just testing Weston…
Изображение / Фото Изображение / Фото
34.7% english, 23.3% pidgin, 22.4% portuguese
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39.1% russian, 33.8% serbian, 30.5% bulgarian
@Gleb Derevleov, it is an implementation of Wayland.
@Stanislav N., almost possible to use.
36.4% english, 29% pidgin, 26.2% french
15.6% italian, 15.3% portuguese, 14.3% spanish
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Давненько тебя не было, привет.)
29.2% russian, 25.9% ukrainian, 25.8% serbian
@Vasya Novikov, я постоянно тут, читаю и комментирую всякое, просто не делюсь мыслями :3.
29.4% russian, 19.5% bulgarian, 19% ukrainian
16.9% italian, 15.6% portuguese, 12.1% spanish
17.8% italian, 15.5% portuguese, 15.4% english
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One more thing: laptop with WinPE and Victoria isn't mine (and HDD isn't really alive :-/) and both PC under the table are shut down.
@Gleb Derevleov, :-D.
34.7% english, 23.4% pidgin, 22% danish
27.5% russian, 27% bulgarian, 26.6% ukrainian
Tazman DeVille wrote the following post:

Federation, Decentralization, and Cross-Posting
As I participate on various free/open source social platforms, I find that there is some confusion over the meaning of several important terms, which I'd like to clear up:

Decentralization is the phenomenon of having multiple hubs (sites, nodes, pods) on a network that communicate with each other. Diaspora, Libertree, StatusNet, Pumpio, Friendica and RedMatrix are all decentralized, in that there is not a single hub, but rather multiple hub/sites, run by various owners/providers that can all communicate with each other, but all using the same platform and protocols. This is
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35.2% english, 24.6% pidgin, 20.1% italian
/usr/share wrote the following post:

I guess one problem with large nations (both geographically and by population) is that it's harder to protest policies.

Look at Ukraine: people from all parts of the nation were able to go to the capital city of Kiev/Kyiv and take part in a single large protest movement (which, BTW, is not just about joining the EU any more).

The same can't be done as easily in large nations: I don't think protesters from, say, Los Angeles, have the same capability to join their compatriots from New York or Washington, DC. Instead, we get a lot of smaller protests, which are easier to disrupt or ignore.

That's why, for example, the progressive protest rallies in Default City were so easy to ignore or write off as "a bunch of pesky urban hipsters".
36.5% english, 22.6% pidgin, 18.6% italian
17.7% italian, 17.2% portuguese, 16.7% spanish
Пацан на Двери подсел, я смотрю.
23.7% bulgarian, 23.4% macedonian, 19.5% serbian
@Gleb Derevleov, зришь в корень, я смотрю.
11% ukrainian, 10.2% german, 8.8% italian
I will never understand why so many people writes "MATE" as "Mate" and "Xfce" as "XFCE".
Of course, "Xfce" was "XForms Common Environment" and "MATE" hasn't got an abbreviation, and yet "MATE" and "Xfce" are official.
32.7% english, 27.4% pidgin, 21.6% french
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16.7% english, 16.1% pidgin, 12.9% polish
30.9% english, 17.2% spanish, 15.4% hungarian
17.7% dutch, 17.7% italian, 17.1% pidgin
18.2% italian, 16.8% english, 16.2% portuguese
My Windows-past is chasing me: Maxthon and Trillian for GNU/Linux announces.
29.3% english, 22.9% pidgin, 19.8% danish
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26.4% english, 20.5% latvian, 20.2% polish
Adam, ah, I see not enough backwards in time :-). I left Windows in 2010.
16.7% english, 16.4% indonesian, 15.7% latin… I think I like it much more than Diaspora* :-).
Also I can't compare it with GNU social (Status.Net), they are just different.
28.7% english, 19.7% italian, 18.7% pidgin
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29.3% english, 26.6% french, 24.3% latin
43% english, 21.6% hawaiian, 20% dutch
"Как Сбербанк распространяет ваши личные данные"
Ух ты, я так рад своей карте Сбербанка… я с первого дня знал, что Сбербанк ценит меня.
22% russian, 15.1% bulgarian, 13.4% ukrainian
Некоторые наблюдения показали, что не все персонажи на ЛОРе имеют представление о том, что творится с треем в наших линуксах, поэтому накатал вот такое популярное сравнение.
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    28.3% russian, 20.3% bulgarian, 17.1% macedonian
    Alibek, you're mixing "you don't want it" and "your distibution doesn't want it".
    28.5% english, 24.8% latin, 23.9% pidgin
    13.2% italian, 12.6% english, 11.5% pidgin
    Alibek, а ещё это ссылка :-).
    16% macedonian, 15.1% russian, 10.8% bulgarian
    Lance, Thomas Anders, бывший солист группы Modern Talking же.
    6% english
    Всех с праздником: с днём Красной Армии и Флота!
    Изображение / Фото
    Тэги: #победа #красная армия #ссср #tux
    0.6% russian

    YouTube: Антивирус "Иммунитет" от Алексея Бабушкина (Alt
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    3.1% russian
    Официальный сайт #КПРФ неплохо так обновили на днях.
    Official site of #CPRF recently was goodly updated.
    4% english
    Glenn Witcher wrote the following post:
    Назад во вперёд
    Как и обещал, выкладываю скан статьи с предсказаниями начала 90-х.
    По понятным причинам, назв
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    2.3% russian
    William Hartnell (играл первого Доктора... чего уж там, он был первым Доктором):
    Изображение / Фото
    Richard Hurndall (играл первого Доктора в "Пять Докторов"):
    </body></html>... show more
    1.1% russian
    Это еще что такое?
    А фиг знает %).
    А Вильям Хартнелл такой няшка. Мне очень нравится его игра.
    Играет хорошо, да. А вот няшкой его сотоварищи не называпи :-D.
    5% russian
    akastargazer wrote the following post:
    — Есть явные факты существования на земле в недалёком прошлом высокотехнологичной цивилизации людей (предположительно наших предков)
    — Вы про СССР?
    5.6% russian
    Товарищи, поздравляю всех с наступающим Новым Годом!
    Comrades, I wish a Happy New Year to all of you!
    Изображение / Фото
    Tags: #HappyNewYear #DoctorWho #Friendicaverse #НовыйГод #ДокторКто
    3.3% russian
    Так толсто, что даже тонко. wrote the following post:
    В Румынии обнаружили фрески XVIII века, "подтверждающие" факт конца света
    На фресках со стен церкви города Брашова изоб
    ... show more
    2.3% russian
    I made a Friendica group in Steam Community, welcome everyone.
    Я сделал группу Friendica в Сообществе Steam, рады всем.
    Tags: #Steam #Valve #Friendica #Community #Сообщество
    0.3% english
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